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What is Microvolunteering?

Volunteer your time in bite sized chunks, from your own home and when you want to. Benefit worthy causes to suit your lifestyle at your own convenience. Dip in, dip out with absolutely no commitment. No specialised skills required. It’s all FREE!

And, oh yeah, you can do them in your pyjamas!

Micro Effort, Macro Impact

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  • Help from home - couple using laptops on bed
  • Help from home - woman in pyjamas using laptop at home
  • Help from home - woman in pyjamas using laptop on bed

Awareness Days

Info on global awareness days, plus theme aligned micro-actions. Choose a day, do some good!

Help from Work

Three microvolunteering packages available - all for free and all without leaving your fave office chair!

Micro Parties!

Doing good, having fun at a microvolunteering party with your friends. It doesn't get better than that!

Micro Consultancy

Free pioneering service for nonprofits to create innovative microvolunteering actions!

Introduction to Help From Home


All the action, all the fun in mini moments of glorious goodness!


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    Research reveals what impact, microvounteering initiatives are making. We think you'll be surprised!

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