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When To Microvolunteer


Microvolunteering is a very flexible way to ‘do good’. It can be participated on the go, on demand and on your own terms. In fact, it’s so flexible that you can microvolunteer in ways that traditional volunteering just simply cannot touch.

To inspire you to spend your time more impactfully, we’ve provided a list of possible moments / activities in your life where you could consider squeezing in a spare 5 or 10 minutes to do some good. Busy doing nothing? Not now!

Did You Know!
At any one time, one-third of the world’s population could be in bed. That’s 2.47 billion people as of 2016. If they all spent 10 minutes microvolunteering before they got under the sheets, it would equate to 59,931 years volunteered – just in their PJs! Just think about the amount of good that could be achieved with that amount of time!!
Source: Worldometers


Specific Ways To Microvolunteer

Lunch Break
Bite-sized morsels of meaningful goodness

.Lunchbreak Volunteering


At Your Wedding
Invite guests to donate time, instead of gifts.

.At Your Wedding


On a Plane Inflight
Watch the world go by and change it at the same time!

.In-flight Microvolunteering


At a Micro Meetup
Doing good, having fun - in a group setting!

.In-flight Microvolunteering


General Ways To Microvolunteer

Check out our In-flight Volunteering project, as it provides loads of action suggestions for the activity ideas below. Think you can’t microvolunteer in a traffic jam or in a doctor’s waiting room? Think again!

In the Home
Watching TV, during commercial breaks
In your garden, out in the sun
Babysitting or child minding
In your PJs, in bed

Out and About
Fishing, in between the catch of the day
In the library, during quiet moments
Faith based meetings, doing good
On the beach, whilst on holiday
In restaurants / fast food chains
During cigarette breaks in work
Intervals at sporting occasions

On a cruise ship, sailing between ports
On a bus, coach or train journey
In a traffic jam, in a long queue
In the car, as a passenger

Life’s Little Surprises
Maternity leave, inbetween your babies’ naps
Birthday Party, based on Weddings project
In hospital, as a patient convalescing
Doctors or dentists waiting rooms
Court ordered community service
Unemployed, gaining work skills
Jury service waiting rooms


Global Awareness Days

There are quite a few days dotted throughout the year when people come together and volunteer for a specific cause, eg cancer. There are also days when volunteering for the sake of volunteering is the main thrust of an Awareness Day. Why not focus your microvolunteering efforts around one of these general global volunteering Awareness Days.


Random Acts of Kindness Week - 2nd week


International Day of Happiness - 20th March
Good Deeds Day - variable Sunday in March


Tangible Karma Day - 1st Saturday in April
Microvolunteering Day - 15th April
Global Youth Service Day - mid April
Pay It Forward Day - last Thursday in April


Mandela Day - 18th July


The Great Kindness Challenge - 2nd Saturday


International Day of Charity - 5th September


Do Something Nice Day - 5th October
World Smile Day - 1st Friday in October
Sewa Day - 1st Sunday in October


World Kindness Day - 13th November
Mitzvah Day - 3rd Sunday in November
Giving Tuesday - 1st Tuesday after U.S. Thanksgiving (4th Thursday in November)



International Volunteers Day - 5th December