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Personal Development Skills

Personal development takes on many guises and is different for different people at their various stages of life. It includes activities like improving awareness, developing talents and potential, building human capital, facilitating employability, enhancing the quality of life and has the potential to contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

Microvolunteering can contribute to this process and listed below are various actions, categorised under separate personal development skills.

Writing Skills
Associated with improving composition style

Chemo Angels
Supporting cancer patients
Love Bomb
Uplifting blog comments
Write A Prisoner
Prison penpals project
Post Pals
Send cheery emails or letters to sick kids

Associated with improving spatial memory and concentration

Free Rice
Charity donating word definition game
They Work For You
Timestamping video to speech
People’s Collection Wales
Recording Welsh heritage
Place and Memory
Recording memories of places that no longer exist


Decision Making
Associated with improving logical thought processes

Phrase Detectives
Puzzling with a purpose!
Ancient Lives
Transcribe papyri
Whale FM
Understanding whale song
Field Expedition Mongolia
Tag maps to find Genghis Khan’s tomb

Associated with improving interpersonal or people skills

Global help for local communities
English Out There
Improving spoken English
Helping people build families
Patient Opinion
Improving UK Health Services

Associated with providing greater learning opportunities

Internet Archive
Archiving the internet for the education of others
History Pin
Adding to the rich tapestry of world history
Educating others about ending street harassment
Moscow Help
Educating and helping the victims of the Beslan Tragedy

Problem Solving
Associated with improving cognitive skills to solve problems

Providing answers to nonprofit questions and tasks
Charity donating crossword game
Fold It
Solving puzzles for science
Global Ideas Bank
Submit ideas to solve global problems

Associated with improving the ability to organise oneself to conduct research

Slavery Map
Highlighting slavery occurences
Climate Survey
Discovering environmental impact
Galaxy Zoo
Studying photos of galaxies
Documenting herbarium sheets