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home based microvolunteer actions that benefit so many worthy causes

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Help From Work

Change The World From Just Your Office!

Discover office based microvolunteering activities that have a measurable and meaningful impact for worthy causes around the world. Choose between our ‘Lunch Break’, ‘One Hour Taster’ or ‘Two Hour Go For Good’ packages, all without leaving the comfort of your favourite office! It doesn’t get any easier than this to do some good and we don’t charge a penny for it!

Advantages of Microvolunteering
simple and easy to use
boosts staff morale
no administration
free and flexible
improves staff retention
no security checks
encourages creativity
no particular skills required
no ‘away time’ from the office

For Employees

Microvolunteering actions can contribute to your personal development skills, as well as expand your CV skill set. Click on the buttons below for more info.


Recognize any of the ‘spare time’ activities below? The links take you to actions that benefit nonprofits! If you don’t need to change anything you already do, how far would you go to benefit worthy causes?

Surfing the Net - fundraise for free
Viewing photos - assist the blind
Watching videos - help deaf people
Facebooking - free fundraising
Listening to music - fundraise for free
Playing games - help scientists
Emailing - benefit sick children

For Employers

Show the world you’ve got attitude - that’s CC (Corporate Citizenship) attitude. Give an hour or two out of your employees workday to enable them to participate in some micro-actions that provide a clear benefit for the wider community at large. Improves company image and can help to reinforce brand loyalty!

We’ve provided two free downloadable guides for you to acquaint yourself with the microvolunteering concept:

Introduction to Microvolunteering

Employee Microvolunteering

Microvolunteering Introduction Booklet……….

Free Microvolunteering Packages

Each one of our packages provides action suggestions that can be participated in without leaving the workplace. If you’re an employer or an employee, it offers the immense satisfaction of being able to give back to society - all from the comfort of your favourite office chair! Choose from one of the following 3 schemes:

From 1 to 30 minutes. Bite sized morsels of meaningful goodness, all squeezed within your own lunch break!

All at no charge, free, zilch!

Invest in 2 hours worth of actions, for that extra bit of oomph to your employee volunteering programme!

All at no charge, free, nothing!

60 minutes worth of fun, easy, no commitment actions that benefit so many different worthy causes!

All at no charge, free, nada!

All the above schemes are self running - all you have to do is to decide which actions to participate in. All an employer has to do is to decide which time slot to give you. Simple as….!

Contact Us if you’re participating in any of the Employee Volunteering schemes above, so that we can showcase your firm in the ‘Case Studies’ section below and demonstrate to prospective customers your commitment to benefiting others.


Microvolunteering: Evidence of Impact

Participation in microvolunteering creates impact in the wider world out there. For actions that in of itself would seem as though they are not contributing anything worthwhile, you’d be surprised what they’re actually achieving.

We have compiled a widely read report into this subject ‘Microvolunteering: Evidence of Impact’. See if it don’t raise your eyebrows!!

Case Studies
Volunteering Works - Microvolunteering actions from HFH were included in vInspired’s now defunct Volunteering Works employee volunteering platform.
Whitbread – promotes HFH as part of it’s responsible citizenship programme, called ‘Good Together’
Dept of Work & Pensions Carers Allowance – included microvolunteering on it’s intranet site to enable its’ employees to do good from their desks

The Last Word

Help From Work is a subsidiary project of the Help From Home initiative. It’s sole aim is to encourage and inspire office workers to discover that they can volunteer their time for the benefit of others without leaving their workplace. This will hopefully instil a sense of altruism and may lead to participation in more traditional volunteering activities.