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Disabled Volunteers

Are you physically challenged or ‘less abled’ to participate in traditional volunteering opportunities, ie. charity shop assistant, river clean up etc?

Welcome to the world of microvolunteering - a concept that will empower you to give back to society within the confines of your own physical limits.

Advantages of Microvolunteering
No commitment
No skills are generally required
Less than 30 minutes to complete
Actions come to you & not vice versa
Can be participated at home
On demand 24/7
Fits around most disabilities

“Even though I am housebound, I’m still able to feel that I am making a difference. This site is great for people with M.E. looking for somewhere simple and easy to start.”
Anonymous Member
Action for M.E.

What Can You Do?

Generally, if you can use the internet, write letters or do a bit of craftwork, you can microvolunteer! You can either help other disabled people, or contribute to more general worthy causes. The buttons below will take you to a select list of actions from where you can find out more information on how to participate in them. Alternatively, our overall database contains over 800 other diverse microvolunteering roles - you don’t have to stick with the ones we suggest below! Just visit our homepage, and click on the coloured ‘Action’ boxes.

From blind to the wheelchair bound, these actions will help to make disabled lives that much easier!

Have a particular affinity with a health issue? You can make a difference & create impact in less than 30 minutes!

Even if you’re confined to a bed or a chair, you can contribute to society via these on-demand actions!

For Nonprofits Serving the ‘Less Abled’

Are there any ‘clients’ from the people you serve that would love to volunteer but feel restricted by the lack of ‘accessible’ volunteering opportunities?

Why not make them aware of the micro-actions available on our platform. Most of them are easy to do, regardless of walking sticks, wheelchairs etc.

Microvolunteering actions lend themselves to empowering the ‘less abled’ to give back to society. Why not promote this type of volunteering on your website, in your newsletter, or as part of an activity programme. Take a look at some of the ‘disabled’ charities below doing just that!

Contact us to see if we can offer you any advice on the concept.

Diverse Abilities - is a UK based charity supporting children and adults with profound physical and/or learning disabilities across the county of Dorset, UK. Provides 20 different microvolunteering tasks that help Diverse Abilities on many different projects.

“I think the actions you have featured provide a good broad range of roles which people with physical or mild learning disabilities would be able to take on.”
Diverse Abilities

WAMES - also known as the Welsh Association of ME & CFS Support encouraged their supporters to participate in microvolunteering actions, as part of ME Awareness Week during 11 - 17th May, 2015. Refer to pages 4 + 5 via the linked pdf document

PGH Cares - is a US based provider of quality health care homes that recommends microvolunteering to bedbound people

The Last Word

The ‘Disabled Volunteering’ project is a subsidiary project of the Help From Home initiative. It’s sole aim is to empower disabled people to give back to society in a meaningful way within the confines of their disabilities.