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Free Microvolunteering Consultancy Service

What is microvolunteering?

Microvolunteering can be described as those actions that benefit a worthy cause, where the main bulk of the task can be completed on demand in one or more sessions of up to 30 minutes.

It is highly enjoyable work done by people in their pyjamas who know they can save the world in a few minutes.

Benefits Of Our Service
free to use, personalised & interactive
tailored towards your cause
increase your volunteer’s participation
available online, thru email or Skype
adaptable to your work schedule
concrete and applied ideas
no strings attached
no further commitment required

Most of the actions can be performed online, from the comfort of your own home or on the go. The diversity of microvolunteering tasks covers almost all imaginable jobs and occupations, going from simple play, to advanced professional work.

What is a worthy cause?

It can be anything related to human rights, education, poverty, democracy, gender equality, environment or art… the challenges humanity faces today are very diverse, and the demand for people eager to help is also great. See our worthy cause definition webpage for more information.

Microvolunteering is relatively new. For the purposes of our consultancy service, we have divided microvolunteering projects into three categories :

1. Existing successful projects.

Here are some examples of existing successful microvolunteering activities:

blogging for a cause
citizen science projects
transcribing documents
book sharing
uploading license-free photos
micro-reporting about communities
contributing knowledge and advice
creating a ‘free to share’ culture
coordinating non-violent protest movements through the internet etc

2. Innovative microvolunteering ideas.

These initiatives might only currently be at the concept stage, yet the future will surely see them implemented. Examples are:

mass distance teaching
e-health initiatives
collective writing projects
fighting corruption
citizen journalism
collective scientific research
using new technologies to transfer skills and knowledge to disadvantaged communities, etc.

3. New microvolunteering initiatives…to be created!

Here is where we step in. We are offering you a FREE CONSULTANCY SERVICE to help your organization implement microvolunteering. When we say free, we mean free - no strings attached!


We help you learn to use microvolunteering for the benefit of your organization and we guide you to create new microvolunteering opportunities opened to global citizens.

You contact us or we contact you (it can work either way)
You will be given relevant and concise information about microvolunteering and how to use it for your specific cause. In order to keep it short and clear, we’ve created a series of Microvolunteering Guides, available via the web button below. Each guide focuses on a different cause (such as education, media, social exclusion, poverty, health) and features a collection of microvolunteering ideas and practical tips that could help you successfully implement microvolunteering to achieve your organization’s goals.

You decide how you want the consultancy process to be delivered and the preferred means of communication with our team. We help you create the microvolunteering opportunity, from beginning to the end - at no cost.
Note : Please take note that we can’t provide any funding or material support for your organization. Our free consultancy service is not about money, as is neither volunteering.
Your organization’s microvolunteering project comes to life.
You complete our Registration Form and your brand new microvolunteering opportunity gets added to our Help From Home database!
You are of course free and encouraged to post/advertise your new microvolunteering opportunity on other external sources, as well. Refer to our Consultancy Resources guide for more information.
Congratulations ! You’ve entered the world of Microvolunteering!

Who We’ve Helped

We thought we’d let you know about some of the organisations who’ve used our service to further their cause. You can see how we’ve helped them via our Consultancy Testimonials page, available via the button opposite.

Beyond Violence “The input made us realise all the potential that already exists within our organisation, but even more the exciting new ways of creatively involving our supporters”

Shine “In the New Year we will start to design “bite-sized” activities….we are calling on Help from Home’s free consultancy service to assist us with this.”

Barry Ideas Bank “The idea of ‘pyjama philanthropy’ overcomes any objections about not having enough time or need to get prepared. We are already getting people inquiring what ‘little’ thing they can do to promote good causes in Barry.

Unified and United “Help From Home is a truly wonderful solution for volunteering that promotes a new way to find opportunities in an inclusive and supporting environment.”

Global Giving
Marie Curie Cancer Care
Visit Woods

Zines of the Zones

Liter of Light

Our consultancy service won 1st prize at the Nantes Creative Generations, NCG Cooperation Award 2014, that is designed to support innovative citizen initiatives. We collaborated with 2 other projects from Europe to create ‘Graine de Jardin’, an initiative to create an urban garden where citizenship through microvolunteering workshops could take place. For more information, click here



We are grateful for any feedback, constructive or otherwise (but preferably constructive) on any aspect of our consultancy service for nonprofits. Just click the link below to participate in our very simple survey that will help us to improve our service for you.

- 10 questions
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For more information, you can visit our Consultancy FAQs page or contact us at

The Last Word

Our Nonprofit Consultancy Service is a subsidiary project of the Help From Home initiative. It’s sole aim is to encourage and inspire nonprofits to enter and discover the huge benefits of the microvolunteering arena.