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Natural Products Discovery Group - Soil Sampling

If you love getting your hands dirty for a good cause, or perhaps you miss those days when making mud pies was a worthwhile career pursuit, Citizen science soil collection might be just the thing for you. With US based Natural Products Discovery Group (NPDG), where there’s muck there might just be the answers scientists have been looking for. The soil beneath our feet is teeming with microscopic life including many types of fungi. While most are impossible to see with the naked eye, these remarkable little molecules could hold promise for impeding the growth of cancer cells, stopping the spread of infectious pathogens and potentially treating many other human diseases.
As part of Natural Products Discovery Group civilian scientists you could help to gather vital samples of these little miracle molecules. If you live in United States, be it in a big city or tiny town, participation couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is request a soil collection kit from the NPDG website and when it arrives follow the simple instructions before posting off your little bag of dirt, which could turn out to be worth it’s weight in gold.


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