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home based microvolunteer actions that benefit so many worthy causes

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Volunteer Centres / Volunteer Involved Organisations

Microvolunteering can be described as easy, no commitment, on-demand actions that can be completed in under 30 minutes.

They lend themselves to complimenting the more traditional opportunities Volunteer Centres / Volunteer Involved Organisations have on their database. Whilst the bite-sized actions may not be specific to your Volunteer Centre’s catchment area, they are nevertheless a great way to introduce people to volunteering or to compliment your already existing volunteering activities.

Who Are They Suitable For
Home based volunteers
Office based lunchtime volunteers
Physically disabled
Pre and early teens
Senior citizens
People on the go

What Can People Do?
Describe images for visually impaired
Write letters to sick children
Play games to help research projects
Feed hungry people for free
Volunteer on-the-go via mobiles
Etc, etc, etc!
Note: no skills required to participate

Promoting Microvolunteering

If you work for a Volunteer Centre (VC) or a Volunteer Involved Organisation (VIO), and are interested in directing people to microvolunteering actions, then seek inspiration from the following methods used by other VCs / VIOs from around the world.

New Microvolunteering Category: Quite a few VCs / VIOs have introduced a new category for microvolunteering on their website to compliment their already existing traditional volunteering categories. Here’s a few examples:

Microvolunteering Events: There’s a growing number of VCs and VIOs who have organised events to encourage people to participate in on-demand microvolunteering activities. We’ve collated the details and feedback of these events in the hopes it will inspire your VC / VIO to hold a similar event yourself.
Microvolunteering Workshops: Over the years, a few VIOs have organised various workshops (see Here To Islington) or seminars (see UX Camp Brighton 2014). For those organisations wishing to generate discussion on microvolunteering, we’ve produced a useful resource section on holding workshops and the like.

Free Posters / Leaflets

If you’re after some posters to help promote the microvolunteering concept, then here’s a few below to freely download and print off.

A4 Poster

A6 Leaflet

A5 Poster

Who’s Promoting Microvolunteering

Just look at the map below to see which VCs / VIOs are on board in a capacity of promoting microvolunteering through short articles, or dedicated webpages