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Microvolunteering Meetup

Microvolunteering can be described as easy, no commitment, on-demand actions that can be completed in under 30 minutes. Our Microvolunteering Meetup project is designed to encourage people to microvolunteer in groups and could be used for example as a volunteer recruitment ‘hook’, perhaps for a volunteering event or to compliment the volunteering activities of clubs like Rotary or Lions etc.

Who It’s Suitable For
Community Service Clubs
Volunteer Centres
Volunteering involved orgs
Gathering of friends
Student Union volunteers
Scouts and Girl Guides
Youth Clubs
Employee volunteering

What We Provide

Key Takeaways
flexible duration
easy, no commitment actions
free and on-demand
minimal or no preparation materials
dip-in, dip-out of actions
no particular skills required
less organising than ‘on-site’ projects

Our service is completely free, all we provide is information to encourage you to hold a microvolunteering activity session. So, what we do is:
inform you of bite-sized actions
indicate required preparatory materials
suggest guidelines to run a Meetup

How To Organise A Meetup

The guidelines below are provided to assist in making a Microvolunteering Meetup run smoothly. Adapt as necessary to suit your event or remit.

Before A Meetup

Initiate a discussion to determine the interest in a Meetup

Circulate our Introduction to Microvolunteering guide, if necessary

Arrange a time and location of Meetup

If appropriate, send out details of event via our Meetup Invitation, freely downloadable via the image opposite. Tick off the items on the Invitation you wish attendees to bring along

Quite a few of our suggested micro-actions involve the internet, so invite attendees to bring along a wi-fi enabled device where relevant, or arrange to provide some of your own. Hopefully, your location will already be wi-fi enabled!

Prepare A Few Things

Take your pick of actions from the categories displayed below. Both sets offer instant, on-demand opportunities that can be completed in small amounts of time.

If you choose some of the opportunities from the ‘Offline Group Actions’ category, they will all need some type of equipment or material to participate in, usually no more than pencil, paper, card or knitting supplies.

On The Day / Night

Inform participants as to how the Meetup is going to be run, ie brief action descriptions, duration of session, awarding certificates (optional, see below)

Either assign all or certain groups of people to participate in particular actions, or allow participants to choose their own – the more internet enabled devices the better

Alternatively, take a look at the games we devised that feature some of the easy, no-login actions from our platform, which can be played as a group. Check out Benevolent Bingo or Famous For 15 Minutes

Take some photos of the Meetup event for your own records. Please consider sending us some of your photos, as we’d like to show other organisations who’s changing the world via microvolunteering.

Close the Meetup by distributing our free ‘Recognition Award’ certificates, via the image opposite (optional)

Thank everybody for participating and for the impact they have made towards worthy causes around the world


VCS West Lindsey Volunteer Centre West Lindsey - “This is, in fact, the second Meetup we’ve held, with the first one being for an internal team meeting this time last year. We really like the Microvolunteering Meetup resources because they are so eye-catching, and always encourage people to get involved….We didn’t have an especially high turn out on Friday but those people who did join in said how much they enjoyed it and felt it was “great to do something worthwhile.”

CUSU Volunteering - Whilst CUSU (Cambridge University Students Union) didn’t strictly use our Meetup template idea, they did hold a Microvolunteering event in February, 2014 where students could participate in actions run on similar-ish lines to our Microvolunteering Meetup idea. For inspiration as to how CUSU held their event, read their blog article