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Give 1%

We’re challenging you to give just 1% of your time during your lunchbreak, work shift, or normal day. Take a look at the box opposite to see what 1% actually equates to. We think you’ll agree it’s so easy to give just 1% of your time either as a one-off, once a week, or even just as a once a year occasion.

1% Equates to…
30 seconds in a 1 hour lunchbreak
5 minutes in a 8 hour workshift
15 minutes in a 24 hour day

So What Can You Achieve By Giving 1%

To inspire you, we’ve divided our actions into convenient time bundles, relevant to your lunchbreak (30 second actions), work shift (5 minute actions), a normal day (15 minute actions).


Under 5 minute actions



Gather your friends, family, workmates etc to make your 1% even more effective. Use our poster opposite to convey the message by handing it out or pinning it to a noticeboard. Contact us (with photos preferably) as to how you gave your 1% of do-goodness, and if we like it, we’ll post it right here.

Give it a go. Give 1%!