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Famous For 15 Minutes


Pop Art Artist, Andy Warhol famously once said, ‘In the future, everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes’. To achieve your ‘fame for 15 minutes’, the object of the game is to play various 1 minute quizzes, and be the first to amass 15 minutes of microvolunteering time by winning minutes dependent on your quiz score.

Time Sheet and Score Card

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to locate Time Sheet actions. Score Card is for Organiser’s use only.

Pre Game Preparation

A4 sized Time Sheet to be downloaded and printed for all participating teams, be that individuals or small groups of people
Obtain appropriate number of pens / pencils or ask participants to bring their own
All micro-actions are conducted online, so invite attendees to bring along a wi-fi enabled device - a tablet or laptop will work best here
Choose a location which has internet or is wi-fi enabled


Game Play


Round A


One minute of microvolunteering time is assigned to each team

Each team to familiarise themselves with the gameplay of Action 1 on the Timesheet

Perform action for 1 minute, on the Organiser’s cue. Every correct answer will amass 10 grains of rice that feeds the poor at no cost to the participant!

All Teams stop playing after 1 minute sound alarm and insert total number of rice attained in ‘Rice Score’ column on their Timesheet. In succession, each Team to read out loud their score to the Organiser

Organiser to make a note of each Team’s score via the ‘Organiser’s Score Card’. The minutes for each round are assigned thus:

Team with highest score wins 3 minutes, which is inserted as a ’3′ into the ‘Time’ column on their Timesheet.
Lowest score looses 1 minute, and is inserted as a ‘-1′ on their Timesheet.
Every other Team keeps their original 1 minute they were assigned, which is inserted as a ’1′ on their Timesheet

Adjacent Team to verify the winning and loosing Team’s score

The ‘Cumulative Time’ column is filled in by transferring the figure from the ‘Time’ column to the ‘Cumulative Time’ column in the ‘Action 1′ row


Round B, C ….etc


Repeat as for Round A from steps 1 - 6, moving through the actions listed below in numerical order, until Action 15 is reached
The ‘Cumulative Time’ column is filled in by adding (or subtracting) the figure in the ‘Time’ column to the figure in the ‘Cumulative Time’ column from the previous round



The Team that reaches 15 minutes of ‘microvolunteering time’ first is declared the winner

If no Team achieves this by the the time all of the actions have been completed, the winner will be the one(s) who has amassed the most amount of ‘microvolunteering time’.


Microvolunteering Actions

No signup is required to participate in any of the actions below - just play and go! Each action should be played for exactly 1 minute, cued by the Organiser. All the actions are based around a quiz format and focus on a different topic for each round. They all help to feed the poor, where 10 grains of rice are paid for by kind sponsors for every correct answer.

Note: A running total of your ‘Rice Score’ will be displayed in real time per each correctly answered question. When moving on to another quiz, some devices will show the cumulative total of all the scores attained from each previous round. To calculate your ‘Rice Score’ just subtract your completed round’s score from the previous round’s score.

Action 1
Vocabulary Quiz

Action 2
Famous Paintings Quiz

Action 3
World Landmarks Quiz

Action 4
Multiplication Table Quiz

Action 5
Literature Quiz

Action 6
World Countries Quiz

Action 7
English Grammar Quiz

Action 8
World Hunger Quiz

Action 9
Basic Maths Quiz

Action 10
World Capitals

Action 11
Famous Quotations

Action 12
Human Anatomy Quiz

Action 13
Human Anatomy Quiz

Action 14
Flags of the World Quiz

Action 15
English Vocabulary Quiz