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Challenge 2016

What will you be doing in 2016 to change the world?

Introducing our ‘Challenge 2016′ for the year 2016 (clever, eh)!

We’re challenging you to donate just 2016 seconds at any point in 2016 to create impact in the world, just by participating in some bite-sized microvolunteering actions.

…and Counting!
2016 seconds = 33 mins, 36 secs
2016 seconds x 15,643 = 1 year
Which means you have 15,643 chances to complete our challenge. What are you waiting for?

So What Can You Achieve in 2016 Seconds?

To inspire you, we’ve divided our actions into convenient time bundles below, as well as providing a list of possible moments / activities in your life where you could consider squeezing in a spare 2016 seconds to do some good. Busy doing nothing? Not now!

Under 1 minute


Under 5 minute actions


Under 10 minute actions

Under 20 minute actions
Under 30 minute actions



Gather a group of friends, or just do it by yourself – above all, just find 2016 seconds to create impact. You’ve only got 15,643 shots at this one (so, not many then)! Let us know (with photos preferably) how you spent your 2016 seconds of do-goodness, and if we like it we’ll post it right here. Use our poster opposite to convey the message by handing it out or pinning it to a noticeboard. Or Tweet about it using:

So good, you’ll be asking for seconds!