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home based microvolunteer actions that benefit so many worthy causes

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Benevolent Bingo


To be the first one to ‘cross out’ all 3 vertical columns on the Benevolent Bingo Card, by participating in various two minute microvolunteering actions.

Benevolent Bingo Card

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to locate matching Bingo Card actions, accompanied with brief descriptions and links to the actual tasks.

Benevolent Bingo Card

Pre Game Preparation

Download and print the A4 sized Benevolent Bingo Card for all participating teams, be that individuals or small groups
Obtain appropriate number of pens / pencils or ask participants to bring their own
All micro-actions are conducted online, so invite attendees to bring along a wi-fi enabled device, a tablet or laptop will work best here
Choose a location which has internet or is wi-fi enabled


Game Play


Round A


Choose an action on the Bingo Card, regardless of which column it falls under

Place a cross in the box to the left hand side of the chosen action on the paper copy of the Bingo card

Each team to familiarise themselves with action. Perform action for 2 minutes, on the Organiser’s cue

Organiser chooses random number between 1 - 3, from the Random Number Generator button below

The Team that performed an action from the numbered vertical column that matches the generated number, crosses out the whole of that column

Adjacent Team to verify the matching combination


Round B, C ….etc


Each team to choose an unassigned action from any uncrossed column

Repeat as for Round A, from step 3

The Team that crosses out all 3 vertical columns first, is the winner. If no Team achieves this by the time all the actions have been assigned, the winner(s) will be the one(s) who have crossed out the most columns


Bingo Card Actions

The actions below should take no more than 2 minutes to complete, and involve no signups - just play and go. If you run out of time, just finish off as quickly as you can - no need for accuracy. Some actions can be completed very quickly, in which case you’ll be asked to repeat the action, albeit in a slightly different way!

Column 1

Tag images to ease library research
4 images to describe, quick as you can

Place Pulse
Compare urban images for research
Work on as many as you can in 2 mins

Nest Game
Spot eggs for camouflage research
20 images, quick as you can

FreeRice Words
Word quiz that feeds the poor for free
Answer as many questions in 2 mins

Instant Wild
Identify wild animals in images
Scroll thru as many images as you can

Column 2

Click to donate to charity for free
Click on button, move onto next one

FreeRice Maths
Maths quiz that feeds the poor for free
Answer as many questions in 2 mins

Stupid Robot
Describe an image for AI research
1 image only, different length words

Help crowdsourcing research
Many tasks, click top big orange bar

Hunger Quiz
Feed the hungry for free via a quiz
Read article, answer 5 questions

Column 3

Spot birds in 20 different images
Do as many as you can in 2 minutes

Describe Me
Describe images for the blind
Click red start button to begin

FreeRice Places
Geography quiz that feeds the poor
Answer as many questions in 2 mins

Quiz that plants trees for free
Answer as many questions in 2 mins

Ships Tag
Tag ship images to aid library research
4 images to describe, quick as you can