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Inspiring Microvolunteers

Need help to inspire people to microvolunteer for an event or activity session? Check out our resources below.

Please note that we do not organise any events or activities - we are just an information / advisory service. If you need any more guidance, just contact us, and we’ll see how we can help!

Who It’s Suitable For
Community Service Clubs
Volunteer Centres
Volunteering involved orgs
Gathering of friends
Student Union volunteers
Scouts and Girl Guides
Youth Clubs
Employee volunteering

Inspiration Ideas

Everybody has a bit of spare time, but when you’re fighting against so many other life’s distractions, how do you inspire people to use their own moments to create impact? Take a look at our ideas below designed to encourage people to look at their spare time differently, for the benefit of others.

What does 1% of your lunchbreak or workshift equate to? Be amazed by what impact you can achieve with just 1% of your time!

At home, at work, and when you’re ill. Be good, do good, reap good….all in your PJs. The perfect recipe to earn karma in your pyjamas!

What will you be doing in 2016 to change the world? Donate just 2016 seconds to doing good. Are you up to the challenge?


Microvolunteering Group Games

Microvolunteering is generally considered a solitary affair. No use if you want to achieve a bit of impact in a group setting. So, we’ve devised a few games that can be participated by a group of people that embrace some of the microvolunteering actions featured on our platform. Enjoy!

The title says it all. Play Bingo and be benevolent, via the actions featured on our platform. Bingo, just different!

Be the first to get to 15 minutes worth of microvolunteering. Can’t be that hard to do, can it? You be the judge.

You can feed the poor for free and have a bit of fun whilst doing so. Join our Raising Rice Team to….well, raise some rice!