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Chain linksListed below are some sites that fit in with the ‘Do Good’ ethos that Help From Home is just a small part of. We hope you will support their efforts to make the world a better place to live in, by visiting their sites.


Do No Harm - Consider how your actions will affect others and ‘do no harm’

Spots of Time - They’ve created a range of fun, bite-size activities that you can do in your local community in the UK. It’s easy to get involved and there’s no long term commitment.

GoVolunteerIndia - GoVolunteerIndia is a non-profit charity that provides volunteer
opportunities & volunteer programs in India to individuals who want to volunteer abroad in India or become a volunteer in India to help India meet its developmental challenges.

Kindness Search Engine - ‘Great kindness stories plus more kindness stuff!’

The Smile Tribe - The Smile Tribe is a Global Peace Initiative committed to Connection, Compassion, Collaboration and Fun! They believe that EVERYONE can contribute to creating change in the world by connecting with others through the simple act of Smiling!

Twixtmas - Do 5 things to change your world for the better between 27th - 31st December, ie. Twixtmas!

Frank and Honest - Frank and Honest is dedicated to providing valuable information in a way that can be easily digested. It is hoped that it can help to improve the health and outlook for thousands of visitors by challenging and motivating them into making small but significant life changes for themselves and their communities.

we are what we do - We Are What We Do attempts to inspire individuals to make a difference to the world through everyday actions such as recycling waste paper, saying thank you, shopping locally and walking to work. They have a section for actions at school and in the workplace as well.

Pegonu - Have you been pegged? Do a good deed and peg someone by challenging them to also do a good deed. The peg gets passed from person to person, to who knows where.

Changing The World on a Tuesday Night - ‘Changing The World on a Tuesday Night’ is a book which features the profiles of 50 people from around the country who work full-time jobs or have otherwise busy lives, but find time once a week or once a month to volunteer on a consistent basis for a cause that they are passionate about.

BigSmallCharity - Marvellous consultancy service to help small charities grow via fundraising and communications

Hearts and Minds - Information for change

Give What You’re Good At - They match professionals who want to give their skills pro-bono with charities and social enterprises that need their help

Give More - Give More encourages people to share their passions for the causes they care about by making a public commitment to give more time, energy or money.