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Spread the Word

Spread the wordFeel free to use any one of the methods below to pass the message on that Help From Home is pyjamatastic!

Many thanks in advance for helping to make this world a better place to live in.

Leaflets / Posters

Feel free to print off one of the downloadable leaflets / posters and hand them out or stick them up wherever you feel is most appropriate to attract the most attention - you have our full permission to distribute widely!

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A5 Info Leaflet - Double Sided

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Encourage others to check out the microvolunteering concept by using one of our standard Tweets below. Tweet to your hearts content!

I change the world in just my pyjamas! What do you do in yours? #microvolunteering #volunteer #giveback #dogood
Volunteering is cool. Microvolunteering is even cooler! Takes 5 mins to do some good. Ta da!
Want to do some good? Got a few minutes? Try micro-volunteering! #OnlineVolunteering #tryvolunteering #voluntweet

Be the change you want to see…in your pyjamas! #microvolunteering #volunteers #do1thing #socialgood

Use some of the following hashtags in your Tweets: #volunteer #giveback #dogood #voluntweet #crowdsourcing


Help us spread the word about microvolunteering via our powerfully persuading Pinterest pics (yeah we know that’s a bit OTT, but we’re biased)! Click the button to find out more and share our pics to your hearts content - please.

Pyjama Power!

Take some pics of yourself or your friends in your pjs holding up a sign stating, ‘I change the world in just my pyjamas!’ Add it to our Flickr Microvolunteering in your Pyjamas account or send it to us at the email address below and we’ll add it to the account ourselves.

We want to show the world who is microvolunteering and therefore who is changing the world. Oh, and also those people that just like wearing their pjs!


Just copy (usually Ctrl+C) and paste (usually Ctrl+V) the banner and then link it to:

ALT Text = Help From Home - Change the world in just your pyjamas!

Text Link

Just copy and paste the following code to your link page:

<a href=””><b>Help From Home</B></a>Change the world in just your pyjamas through easy home based volunteering actions!!

The above coding will appear like this on your web page:

Help From Home Change the world in just your pyjamas through easy home based volunteering actions!!

Alternatively, just copy and paste the above line into your website and then link ‘Help From Home’ to

Email a Friend

If you want to let your friends (or for that matter anybody else) know about ‘Help From Home’, then feel free to either use the widgets at the bottom of this page or use the sample text below in your own email software. Personalize it if you wish:

Change the world in just your pyjamas!
Hi there
I wanted to let you know about a website called ‘Help From Home’ ( It contains information and links to voluntary actions that can all be performed from the comfort of your own home - even in your own pyjamas. The actions will take less than 30 minutes to complete, involve no commitment and are all mostly free or cost very little to accomplish.
The aim of the website is to make a difference in the world we live in. Check it out and see what you think.

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About Us

Help From Home is a volunteer driven, unincorporated association that runs a free community service to promote and encourage participation in easy, no commitment, microvolunteering opportunities where a spare 10 seconds to 30 minutes is all that is needed to help out worthy causes. It was set up in December, 2008 and is considered to have the largest known directory of current active non-skilled microvolunteering opportunities in the world. It does not run any of the actions featured on the site - it merely showcases them from 3rd party initiatives.

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Microvolunteering Benefits You How microvolunteering can contribute to your personal development skills!

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