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Promote Microvolunteering In Your Country

Microvolunteering is global, meaning to say it can be participated in and benefit worthy causes from anywhere in the world. So far, we’re aware that it’s currently being promoted in the following countries:

United Kingdom
United States

We’d like to see the microvolunteering concept being promoted further afield. The more widespread it becomes, the more worthy causes that can benefit from it. If you think you’d like to pioneer the concept in your country, then use our suggestions below. You’ll be promoting something that’s creating ‘buzz’, as well as making a tangible impact within your country.

First Steps

- find some microvolunteering actions specific to your country (would be grateful if you could let us know about them if you do) or just use the ones featured on Help From Home’s database

- use some catchy straplines to grab some attention, use ours if you like ie ‘change the world in just your pyjamas’, ‘on the go, on demand and on your own terms’ and ‘micro effort, macro impact’

- try to emphasize the angle that microvolunteering can be done from a person’s own home purely because it intrigues people

- mention the fact that microvolunteering has already established itself in the UK, US, Canada and India so as to lend some weight to the concept

- feel free to use any of our downloads especially our ‘Introduction to Microvolunteering’ guide to explain what the concept is all about

Making Contact

- it’s about sowing a seed of information and then building on the momentum

- contact organisations that feature volunteer opportunities, to encourage them to consider including microvolunteering actions on their database

- contact media publications about writing up an article on microvolunteering. Use the ‘Introduction to Microvolunteering’ guide, whilst also encouraging them to include some of our feature articles that spotlight particular actions

- focus on blogs and forums that have a ‘do good’ or ‘give back to society’ emphasis

- reach out to community organizations, faith organizations, libraries, student noticeboards etc., and ask them to help you promote the microvolunteering concept. They could do so through bulletins, email blasts, mention at public meetings and/or allowing you to post a flyer in their buildings.

- contact nonprofits, charities and voluntary organisations and refer them to our ‘How To Develop A Microvolunteer Action’ to enable them to promote their own microvolunteering actions

- we have a few posters that can be downloaded for free (templates can be provided, if it needs to be converted into your language)

- Contact Us and let us know how you get on. Perhaps we might be able to help you out, if you run into problems

Long Term Next Steps

- encourage workplace employees / employers, senior citizen environments and educational systems to engage in microvolunteering

Microvolunteering intrigues people because they can’t believe they can volunteer from their own home. Emphasizing the ‘pyjama’ angle raises their eyebrows even more. It’s not difficult to grab people’s attention with microvolunteering, but what will count is persistence to keep the momentum going.