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Group of peopleHelp From Home has developed an idea, called ‘Volunteer Anywhere’ to take non-skilled microvolunteering to the next level. It is designed to bring in an income stream via quantifiable social impact reports obtained by participants involvement in pre-loaded non-skilled microvolunteer actions. We are offering this idea for FREE to organisations / businesses / individuals interested in collaborating on this exciting project, that as far as we know is unique within the microvolunteering arena.


Our vision for ‘Volunteer Anywhere’ will be a website, complimented by an eventual mobile app, that engages a participant in responsible citizenship via pre-loaded non-skilled microvolunteer actions. The website will deliver microvolunteering actions via an interactive social media format popularised by Facebook, that combines a fun, friendly competitive environment with the facility to measure their impact on society.

The distinct difference between Help From Home and ‘Volunteer Anywhere’, being that a level of social interactivity and quantifiable social impact reports will be provided within an environment that alludes to being able to volunteer anywhere, rather than the current domain name that appears to restrict it’s operations to within the home and its immediate surroundings.

On this basis, this project is uniquely designed to take microvolunteering into:

  • employee volunteering schemes
  • educational establishments teaching responsible citizenship
  • community/local authority organisations to booster civic engagement
  • etc, etc

Free Documents

We are offering our Business Plan and Wireframe Website Template for FREE for you to view. Why are we doing this? Because we’re interested in making impact, rather than money. We recognize that we’re not business minded and so an idea like ours ought to be put into the hands of someone who has the social entrepreneurial skills to develop it. The only thing we ask, is that we act as consultants to it’s development.

Business Plan

Outline Web Template

We’ve already received some fantastic comments about the idea, whilst we’ve also received interest from Barclays Bank, Credit Suisse Bank and Legal & General about microvolunteering within an employee environment in general.

Please check out the slideshow below to have a quick access view to our vision. If you like what you see, then please Contact Us - we’re looking forward to hearing from you.