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Science & Research

It could be argued that progress through science and research makes the world go around. The following projects are all exploring areas where your help can assist them in topics like climate control, alternative energy, diseases, to name but a few.

Planet Hunters - Discovering Planets

Find out more about   Planet Hunters - Discovering Planets

The Milky Way Project - Measuring Galaxies

Find out more about   The Milky Way Project - Measuring Galaxies

Climate Survey - Discovering Environmental Impact

Find out more about   Climate Survey - Discovering Environmental Impact

Whale FM - Understanding Whale Song

Find out more about   Whale FM - Understanding Whale Song

Cerberus - Mapping Mars

Find out more about   Cerberus - Mapping Mars

World Water Monitoring Day

Find out more about   World Water Monitoring Day

SOHO Comet Hunting

Find out more about   SOHO Comet Hunting

Darwin’s Emotions - Facial Expressions Survey

Find out more about   Darwin’s Emotions - Facial Expressions Survey

The Backyard Bee Count

Find out more about   The Backyard Bee Count

The Intention Experiment - Mind over Matter

Find out more about   The Intention Experiment - Mind over Matter

Urban Tree Survey

Find out more about   Urban Tree Survey

The Hunt for Bees

Find out more about   The Hunt for Bees

Quake Catcher Network - Monitoring Earthquakes

Find out more about   Quake Catcher Network - Monitoring Earthquakes

Ancient Lives - Transcribe Papyri

Find out more about   Ancient Lives - Transcribe Papyri

Hair Colour Preferences Survey

Find out more about   Hair Colour Preferences Survey