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Recycle/Swap Everything

As the saying goes, one person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure. You’ll be amazed at what you can get rid of. The sites below all offer a matching service for people’s ‘wants’ and ‘offers’. If you’re disposing of stuff, then the collector will pick up from your house. Disposing of unwanted items has never been so easy.

ThrowPlace - Donating Items to Charity

Find out more about   ThrowPlace - Donating Items to Charity


Find out more about   Recycle

Blue Bin - A ReUser’s Community

Find out more about   Blue Bin - A ReUser’s Community

efreeko - UK National Recycling

Find out more about   efreeko - UK National Recycling

Give Or Take - Recycling for the Community

Find out more about   Give Or Take - Recycling for the Community

Free2Collect - Exchange Items for Free

Find out more about   Free2Collect - Exchange Items for Free

FreeUse - Person to Person Recycling

Find out more about   FreeUse - Person to Person Recycling

Free Sharing

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Charity America - Donating to Charities

Find out more about   Charity America - Donating to Charities

Excess Access - Matching Donated Items to Nonprofits

Find out more about   Excess Access - Matching Donated Items to Nonprofits

Don’t Dump That

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Student Swap Shop

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