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home based microvolunteer actions that benefit so many worthy causes

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Garden Insect, Bird, Flower and Animal Count

The following organizations all require help from the public to collect data about insects and birds that can mostly be observed from your garden. Once you’ve collated the information, send it off to the organization of your choice via their website.

The Backyard Bee Count

Find out more about   The Backyard Bee Count

The Hunt for Bees

Find out more about   The Hunt for Bees

BRC - UK Species Recording Schemes

Find out more about   BRC - UK Species Recording Schemes

Snail Search

Find out more about   Snail Search

Evolution MegaLab - Snail Research

Find out more about   Evolution MegaLab - Snail Research

Add an Adder

Find out more about   Add an Adder

Conker Tree Survey

Find out more about   Conker Tree Survey


Find out more about   Buglife


Find out more about   Beewatch

Big Bat Survey

Find out more about   Big Bat Survey

UK LadyBird Survey

Find out more about   UK LadyBird Survey

Project FeederWatch - Bird Surveys

Find out more about   Project FeederWatch - Bird Surveys


Find out more about   eBird

Great Backyard Bird Count

Find out more about   Great Backyard Bird Count

Frog Watch

Find out more about   Frog Watch