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Research Project Studies

There are so many research projects out there, all inviting input from people just like you. They can take the form of surveys, games, experiments and every single one of them can be conducted anonymously over the web. Your knowledge, life experience or wisdom are all valuable to researchers. Each one of the links below will take you to a research project where your input is greatly valued.

Darwin’s Emotions - Facial Expressions Survey

Find out more about   Darwin’s Emotions - Facial Expressions Survey

Hair Colour Preferences Survey

Find out more about   Hair Colour Preferences Survey

Health Tracking Network - Flu Prevention Research

Find out more about   Health Tracking Network - Flu Prevention Research

WebExperiment - Short Online Surveys

Find out more about   WebExperiment - Short Online Surveys

Psychstudies - Psychology Related Questionaires

Find out more about   Psychstudies - Psychology Related Questionaires

iPsychExpts - Psychology Based Surveys

Find out more about   iPsychExpts - Psychology Based Surveys

In Mind - Social Psychology Studies

Find out more about   In Mind - Social Psychology Studies

KLB Study of Relationships

Find out more about   KLB Study of Relationships

Psychological Research on the Net

Find out more about   Psychological Research on the Net

YourMorals - Moral Psychology Surveys

Find out more about   YourMorals - Moral Psychology Surveys

Rupert Sheldrake Online Experiment Portal

Find out more about   Rupert Sheldrake Online Experiment Portal

neuroMod - Testing Human Memory

Find out more about   neuroMod - Testing Human Memory

Open Mind Indoor Common Sense Project

Find out more about   Open Mind Indoor Common Sense Project

Mind Studies - Psychology Questionaires

Find out more about   Mind Studies - Psychology Questionaires

Face Research

Find out more about   Face Research