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War and Peace

Fight your own war against wars by campaigning for peace! All the links below have various action available, ranging from emailing pre-worded letters to sending out e-cards to key decision makers. Stop wars from happening, from the comfort of your own home.

CodePink: Women for Peace

Find out more about   CodePink: Women for Peace

Peace Pledge Union

Find out more about   Peace Pledge Union

Women’s Action for New Directions

Find out more about   Women’s Action for New Directions

United States to Ban Landmines

Find out more about   United States to Ban Landmines

Save Darfur

Find out more about   Save Darfur

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Find out more about   Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Campaign Against Arms Trade

Find out more about   Campaign Against Arms Trade

Peace Day - Origami for World Peace

Find out more about   Peace Day - Origami for World Peace

Another Poster for Peace

Find out more about   Another Poster for Peace