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Each of the organizations linked to in this category all focus on a specific but separate topic from each other. Each topic is too specialized to be given its own category hence the Miscellaneous tag. Topics range from under-age drinking to making more wholesome movies.

Election Leaflets - Monitoring Election Campaigns

Find out more about   Election Leaflets - Monitoring Election Campaigns

Your Next MP - Collecting Data on UK Political Parties

Find out more about   Your Next MP - Collecting Data on UK Political Parties

Hollaback! - Fighting Street Harassment

Find out more about   Hollaback! - Fighting Street Harassment

Guide Dogs for the Blind

Find out more about   Guide Dogs for the Blind

Food Declaration - Improving Food Quality

Find out more about   Food Declaration - Improving Food Quality

Easter Seals - Advocate for Disabled People

Find out more about   Easter Seals - Advocate for Disabled People

Urban Forum - Responsible Finance

Find out more about   Urban Forum - Responsible Finance

Fair Pensions - Responsible Investing

Find out more about   Fair Pensions - Responsible Investing

Citizen Works - Cutting Corporate Crime

Find out more about   Citizen Works - Cutting Corporate Crime

BananaLink - Improving the Banana Trade

Find out more about   BananaLink - Improving the Banana Trade

National Coalition to Ban the Death Penalty

Find out more about   National Coalition to Ban the Death Penalty

Green America

Find out more about   Green America

The Goodworks Network

Find out more about   The Goodworks Network

EFF - Protecting Digital Rights

Find out more about   EFF - Protecting Digital Rights

StopBigMedia - Defending Media Consolidation

Find out more about   StopBigMedia - Defending Media Consolidation