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Volunteer with free handoutsAre you responsible for the day to day running of a Volunteer Centre in your community or do you work for one? If so, perhaps you’d like to consider offering your ‘customers’ some of the microvolunteering opportunities featured on Help From Home, as we feel they would compliment those that are already listed on your database.

What is Microvolunteering?

These are ‘actions that benefit a worthy cause, where the main bulk of the task can be completed on demand in one or more sessions of up to 30 minutes, either from a person’s home or on the go’.

Six Reasons for Including Microvolunteering Actions on Volunteer Centre ‘Books’
1. home based volunteer opportunities might act as a taster to demonstrate the potential good that volunteering can do.
2. they are all just as beneficial to worthy causes as the more traditional ones
3. a hesitant volunteer could be introduced to microvolunteering as the actions can be conducted in a safe and familiar environment, ie their home. This may increase their confidence about volunteering and encourage them to approach your centre for a more traditional opportunity at a later date
4. a potential volunteer may be thankful to your centre for introducing them to a microvolunteer opportunity and pass this on to their friends, who may in turn visit your centre to see what else you have got on your books. Word of mouth is the greatest form of  publicity!
5. some people might just want to squeeze in a little more volunteering in between their traditional volunteering activities. A microvolunteering activity might pique their interest in a subject which they may eventually want to pursue further through your centre
6. Help From Home is a free community service, so we don’t charge a penny for encouraging you to include microvolunteer opportunities on to your ‘books’.

Key Personnel Endorsements

Various key personnel in the voluntary sector are keen to see Volunteer Centres and volunteering involving organisations embrace microvolunteering. Here’s a few below who are endorsing Help From Home’s efforts to bring micro volunteering to a wider audience.

Rob Jackson, Former Director of Development and Innovation, Volunteering England

“Volunteering England is interested in promoting and exploring new ways for people to get involved in volunteering. Micro-volunteering is one such approach that has potential to engage more people in giving their time. We encourage Volunteer Centres and volunteer involving organisations to look at micro-volunteering and consider adding it to the range of opportunities they offer”.

Jamie Thomas, CEO, Red Foundation &

“Micro volunteering offers new and easy ways for people to get involved in the community, especially if they have limited time or are new to the concept. These bite sized chunks of activity enable people to do something with tangible results that can provide great satisfaction and collectively can make a huge difference. i-volunteer is keen to support new types of volunteering and micro volunteering is already proving to be extremely popular with our community. We would encourage Volunteer Centres to provide information about micro opportunities to their volunteers as we believe it offers a unique and simple way to expand the volunteering community.”


Free Posters

If you’re after some posters to help promote the microvolunteering concept, then here’s a few below to download and print off.

A4 Poster

A6 Leaflet

A5 Poster

Is ‘Help From Home’ included on any Volunteer Centre database?

Just look at the map below to see who’s on board in a capacity of promoting HFH through short articles, dedicated webpages or via Do-it’s V-base.