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“Join Me”

Are you a Volunteer Manager wanting to encourage others to collectively microvolunteer?

Want a way to invite your friends & family to microvolunteer alongside you?

Are you an Activities Organiser wanting to inspire others to ‘do good’?

Feel passionate about a cause and want others to join you?

We work in tandem with PledgeBank, who’s tagline of ‘I will, if you will’ fits in snugly with our “Join Me” campaign.  PledgeBank have created a method to enable people to take part in an action, but only if a target number of pledges have been reached who have pledged into participating in that action. ‘Join Me’ is suitable for both individuals and organisations to encourage others to collectively microvolunteer and change the world for good!

How To Join Our ‘Join Me’ Campaign!

Choose a microvolunteering action from our website

Visit PledgeBank, sign up for a free account and then create a pledge, using Pledgebank’s simple instructions

Include the word ‘microvolunteer’ and the relevant Help From Home action webpage link in your pledge description for it to appear in the list opposite. Visitors to our site can then view your action and pledge to join in. Here’s an example microvolunteering Pledge

Pledgebank will automatically create a free webpage for you, entirely dedicated to your action. Promote it like crazy eg Twitter, Facebook.  You want people to join you, so make it happen!

When the target number of pledges have been reached, PledgeBank will automatically send an email out to everybody to honour their pledge.

Sit back and say ‘I helped to change the world!’

Activity Organisers / Volunteer Managers
Hold a competition to see who can attain the most number of pledges using any one of the micro-actions featured on our website. Use our FREE Activity Monitor download sheet to run the competition. Includes instructions, activity matrix and link to customizable
Volunteer Certificates.
Suggested Details
Time limit = 1 month
Target pledges = 20
Prize / Incentive = Up to you

Pledgebank is an external 3rd party run website. Any queries relating specifically to their platform will need to be directed to their customer support team.

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We are grateful for any feedback, constructive or otherwise (but preferably constructive) on any aspect on the “Join Me” project! Just use the Contact Us page to let us know your thoughts.

The Last Word

“Join Me” is a subsidiary project of the Help From Home initiative. It’s soul aim is to encourage greater participation in microvolunteering actions and so make the world a better place!