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Feature Articles for the Media

Reading newspaperAre you involved in the newspaper / magazine industry? If so, we’d like to introduce ourselves to you concerning a regular article about microvolunteering that you could include in your publication. The articles would feature a brief resumé of a particular microvolunteer action that your readers could participate in.

What is Microvolunteering?

These are ‘actions that benefit a worthy cause, where the main bulk of the task can be completed on demand in one or more sessions of upto 30 minutes, either from a person’s home or on the go’.

The common reaction upon learning about such actions is of intrigue, surprise and ‘I didn’t know you could do that’. There is an inherent goodness in most people and if they knew they could do something meaningful without impacting into their time or finances, then most people would at least give it a go. You would be providing a very valuable public service that has the potential to benefit so many worthy causes and would be eagerly read by your readership.

Help From Home has prepared over 50 short articles that are very suitable for inclusion in a newspaper / magazine as a regular feature spot, possibly entitled ‘Change The World In Just Your Pyjamas’.

Sample Article
Make A Sick Child Smile
PostpalsPostpals is simply a way to make a seriously ill child smile by sending them a cheery email, card, letter, postcard or gift in the hope that it will give them the encouragement they need to battle through the critical illness they have.
Postpals provides 3 lists of children, those that are currently ill and are open to receiving mail, those that have either left the scheme or are simply too old (the upper age limit tends to be 18) and those that have sadly passed in memoriam. Each child is listed with their name, date of birth and the illness they are experiencing. Clicking on a child’s name will bring up further details about their family and in practically all cases, a regularly updated blog.
The way it works is that you choose a ‘Pal’ from the list provided and then send an email, letter or card to them via the forwarding address shown - for safety reasons, it’s not their home address. It’s as easy as that, although don’t be too disconcerted if you don’t receive a reply - no kidding!
Time taken: Approx 10 - 20 minutes
Impact: Puts a smile on a sick child’s face - priceless!
Cost: Postage (letter) or nothing (email)
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Other Articles

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As you can see, there’s so many intriguing and interesting topics to explore. If you’re interested in publishing a regular article on microvolunteering, then please do Contact Us - we’d love to hear from you!

Who’s Invited Us to Publish Regular Articles?

We’ve published articles on a fortnightly basis about microvolunteering actions to the following organisations:

The Daily Crowdsource