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home based microvolunteer actions that benefit so many worthy causes

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Do Good! Cards

Start a chain reaction of microvolunteering actions. Track their progress online and watch them ripple across the world.

Start Your Ripple!

Print off our ‘Do Good!’ cards

Generate your ‘Do Good!’ number and insert it on rear of ‘Do Good!’ card. Make a note of it, to track it’s progress

Complete a microvolunteering action from our website (or do your own thing - see below) and enter its’ details onto the map, just down there

Pass the card on to somebody else and revisit the map to track your cards’ journey to see how far your ‘Do Good’ ripple travels around the world!

Been Given A ‘Do Good!’ Card?

You’ve either found this card or received it from someone because s/he thought you were the best person to continue this ripple of ‘doing good’ around the world. Woohoo!

So, all you have to do is:
Complete a microvolunteering action from our website (or do your own thing - see below) and enter it’s details into the map below

Make a note of the number on the back of the card, before passing it on to somebody else to continue the ripple

Track the cards’ journey on the map below and see how far this ‘Do Good’ ripple travels around the world!

Key To Map

Click ‘Add’ button on map opposite. In pop-up box, fill in the ‘Location’ & ‘Details’ tabs with info on your ‘Do Good’ action

To track your card’s progress, type in ‘Do Good! card number in white search box at top of map, eg 1234567. Click ‘GeoSearch’ button. Map displays only those cards with that number.

Red Markers
Click to discover ‘Do Good! deeds by others

Do Good! Ideas

Want to do an act of kindness, but don’t know where to start? In addition to the 800 plus microvolunteering actions on our website (just visit our homepage and scroll your mouse over the coloured Do Good, Green and Advocacy boxes), here’s a bunch of other ideas to get you started.

Start Your Card On It’s Ripple!

Give it to friends or family
Leave it at a restaurant table
Share it with a stranger
Place it by relevant books in the library
Form a school project & send loads out
Pop it in a pre-paid envelopes
Pass it on to work mates
Leave it on a public transport seat
Post it through random letter boxes
Hand out to passers-by