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home based microvolunteer actions that benefit so many worthy causes

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About Us

Help From Home is a Cardiff, UK based volunteer driven, unincorporated association that runs a free community service to promote and encourage participation in easy, no commitment, 3rd party run microvolunteering opportunities where a spare 10 seconds to 30 minutes is all that is needed to help out worthy causes. We use these microvolunteering actions to increase volunteering participation rates throughout the world.

As our name suggests, we primarily promote microvolunteering as home based, but over time have developed various other ongoing microvolunteering projects, including:

Help From School - encouraging people to change the world within their classroom as part of a citizenship course
Help From Work - encouraging people to volunteer during their lunchbreak, without leaving their office environment
Help From Seniors - encouraging senior citizens to volunteer without getting out of their armchair
Help From Holiday - encouraging people to think about responsible tourism by volunteering before, during or after their holiday
Consultancy Service - provides advice / guidance to voluntary organisations on creating microvolunteering actions to benefit their cause.

Big Idea text

Help From Home was set up in December, 2008 to address the problem that the global voluntary sector was not promoting such microvolunteering actions at the time. It was also set up to convey the notion that people could volunteer on the go, on demand and on their own terms - even in their pyjamas if they want to!

Help From Home is considered to have the largest known directory of current active non-skilled microvolunteering opportunities.

For the record, there is no hidden agenda behind this initiative, it’s done purely from a labour of love to spread some good around the world. It is:

  • not associated or connected to any religion, government or business organisation
  • nor is it in collusion or connected with any of the websites or organisations mentioned on this website
  • and it most certainly is not after your soul or any of your money!

So, if you have a few minutes to spare or are just bored of watching the telly, consider some of the things you could do to help others in those spare few moments you have. As our strap line says, you really can ‘Change the world in just your pyjamas’!